Profile Robot Cutting Line

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Product Description

JINFENG® is the professional China manufacturer and supplier of Profile Robot Cutting Lines with affordable price. The Profile Robot Cutting Lines are high performance plasma robotic cutting system to execute the plasma cutting on different steel profiles of bulb, strip, angles, T-beam, Channel, H beam or I beam,with an robot arm.

PRG 600


Profile Robot Cutting Line


For all the Profile Robot Cutting Lines and plasma cutting machines that manufactured by JINFENG WELDCUT will have 2 years warranty, and which are Equipped with Crane loading, Edge cleaning, inkjet marking, support all CAD-CAM interfaces as options. The PRG Profile Robot Cutting Lines are the most advanced robotic plasma cutting line to increase the productivity for End-users from different industries.




PRG 40080*5mm –400*20mm100*5mm –400*20mm100*75mm-300*150mm75*75mm-180*180mm100*50mm-350*150mm100*50mm-400*115mmN/A12000mm1.5T
PRG 60080*5mm –550*20mm100*5mm –600*30mm100*75mm-500*150mm75*75mm-220*220mm100*50mm-500*200mm100*50mm-400*200mm150*150mm-400*200mm12000mm2.5T
Support Plasma cutting, Plasma marking, Inkjet marking, CAD-CAM software


Feature And Application

1.The PRG Profile Robot Cutting Lines is a high automation cutting equipment integrated with an ABB six axis robot arm. By one key operation by one operator ,the line start the automatic processing from material loading and parts unloading after plasma cutting.

2.The line can be fully integration with the MES system and Allow remote control via team viewer for the engineers from manufacturer to easily carry out the remote diagnosis to solve the problems via internet without sending engineers to the working site.

3.The CNC system provides full control of all main line system (robot, roller table, cross conveyor, measuring cart and gripper, the marking system)。

4.Can read *.gen files created from Tribon/AM, DSTV files exported from TEKLA design software and others formats.

5.This Profile Robot Cutting Lines are widely used in Shipbuilding, shipyard and offshore for the plasma cutting of stiffener to make flat panel, double bottom construction, subassemblies, bulkheads, webs, micro panel for different vessels/Ships. With PRG Profile Robot Cutting Lines, the shipyards or shipbuilding can increase their production and reduce the labors.



The PRG Profile Robot Cutting Lines consists of:

Profile loading crane

Edge cleaning line:

Cross conveyors for profile loading

Input roller table

Cleaning chamber with a dust filter.

Output roller table.

Cross conveyor for buffler

Cross conveyor for loading

Measuring cart and gripper

Input Roller table

Inkjet marking device,

Robot plasma cutting chamber with a dust filter

Short part sorting belt-plate conveyor

Output roller table for long part

Cross conveyor for long parts

Unloading cranes


Structure view


Edge cleaning line


By integrated an edge cleaning line to the PRG Profile Robot Cutting Lines, by using brush wheels to remove the prime paint from the edge of profiles where will have welding, can increase the welding quality in next processing.


Measuring cart and gripper


Feeding the profile into cutting chamber at same time to measure the length of profile fed.


Inkjet marker


By inkjet marking device to print letters, numbers, symbol and bending line (inverse lines)


Robot cutting chamber


By installed an 6 axis robot arm inside cutting chamber to execute the high quality cutting on profiles.


By equipped a belt-plate conveyor after cutting chamber, the PRG Profile Robot Cutting Lines can automatically sorting the short parts and automatic output the parts.



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