Knitwear Sweater Flat Knitting Machine

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Steiger, Switzerland, was founded in 1949, with its consistently uphold innovation and pioneering spirit. Today, Steiger, is one of the world's leading Knitwear Sweater Flat Knitting Machine manufacturer. Steiger, in fact, is located in Switzerland is the center of the hub Steiger, all the comercial actity, also includes research, design and production.

In July 2010, Steiger offially became a subsidiary company of Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. CIXING is the world leader about the Intelligent Knitwear Sweater Flat Knitting Machine Supplier, it is a state-level high-tech enterprise dedicated to upgrading China's knitting machinery technology, promoting the development and progress of knitting technology and upgrading the knitting industry.

Cixing Knitwear Sweater Flat Knitting Machine STG3. 132MC-U intelligent running machine type, three systems, no waste yarn, motorized yarn feeder, including auto-oiling. New functions such as intarsia, plaiting, looping, fling, weft lining, sewing, hollowing are added to develop fashion and trend. Cixing Knitwear Sweater Flat Knitting Machine STG3. 132MC-U, the yarn feeders are independently controlled by the system, which can move freely in the horizontal direction, so that the yarn feeders can be accurately positioned and fed synchronously, reducing the empty courses of the carriage, improving the efficiency of ordinary fabrics by 10%-20%,the efficiency of special fabrics by more than 50%,and the comprehensive efficiency by 20%-30%. Steiger Knitwear Sweater Flat Knitting Machine STG3.132MC-U can easily realize the special weaving patterns such as intarsia, reverse flling,weft lining, hollow weaving,etc.,increasing the flexibllity and diversity of patterns.

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