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About Us

Zhengzhou Demeter Slovenian Trade machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company focused on providing mechanical equipment and technical services, with a wide customer base and business network on a global scale. With the continuous advancement of global economic integration, the company actively expands overseas markets and has achieved remarkable performance growth. However, in recent years, international trade protectionism has risen, and the global political and economic situation has become more complex and uncertain. At the same time, the competition and cooperation between big countries also aggravate the volatility of the market. These factors have brought challenges and uncertainties to the company's operation and development. In response to this situation, the company has taken a variety of measures to remain competitive, including strengthening research and development innovation, optimizing supply chain management, and improving product quality and service levels. Through these measures, the company's internationalization process has been steadily developed and it has gained a foothold in the global market.

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