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ZOWEITE injection molding machine only sells new injection molding machine made in China, not old ones. We are a professional injection molding machine manufacturer. We have been in this industry for 30 years and have rich experience.

How to repair and maintain the new injection molding machine?

● Check whether the mold in operation is in normal state: whether there is low-voltage mold locking protection; Whether the moving parts such as guide post, ejector rod and row position are worn and well lubricated? It is required to add oil at least once every 12 hours, and the times of refueling shall be increased for special structures. Whether the screws and clamping clamps of the fixed formwork of the mold are loose; Normal production condition: check whether the defect of the product is related to the mold; When getting off the machine, the mold shall be comprehensively inspected and antirust treatment shall be carried out: wipe the water in the cavity, core, ejection mechanism and row position, and spray the mold antirust agent or grease. The molds after getting off the machine shall be placed at the designated place and recorded:

(1) mold condition: intact or to be repaired.

(2) Anti rust treatment during mold removal.

● Quarterly routine inspection: mainly cleaning and maintenance of new injection molding machine molds that have not been used for more than two months.

2.1 open the mold and check the internal anti rust effect. In case of any abnormality, the anti rust treatment must be carried out again. The mold that has not been used for a long time must be coated with butter.

2.2 put it back in place and make records.

●ZOWEITE® New injection molding machine maintenance precautions:

(1) non professional maintenance personnel or without the permission of professional maintenance personnel shall not remove the formwork for maintenance.

(2) If there is a small fault in the ZOWEITE® new injection molding machine production process, the shunting personnel can solve it according to the situation. For example:

2.1 glue inlet die sticking: the copper needle shall be used to knock out the die at the feed nozzle, and the steel needle and other hard objects shall not be used to knock the die.

2.2 for slight mold marks in the cavity, polishing materials can be selected according to the smoothness of the cavity. Abrasive paper and other polishing materials cannot be used on the textured surface. Generally, it is brushed with a copper brush dipped in diamond paste or diamond mortar and completed by professional maintenance personnel. 2.3 product mold sticking: generally, the product and the ejection part are covered with hot plastic and ejected after cooling. If burning with fire, be careful not to damage the die surface.

(3) When repairing the mold, professionals shall not change the structure at will. If the structure needs to be changed, it can only be carried out with the consent of the quality engineering department.

(4) Ensure the maintenance quality, select appropriate equipment, materials, tools and problem-solving methods, and complete them as soon as possible.

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