Battery Hydraulic Crimping Tool

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Zhejiang EMEADS Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer on electrical tools .We design and manufacture of high quality hydraulic tools. EMEADS specializes in the production and sales of Battery hydraulic crimping tool, including crimping pliers, cable cutters, punching machines, jacks, hydraulic pullers, etc., with a wide range of business and a rich product line.We have more than 40 kinds of patent applications, certification, complete certificates, strong strength! Because of high performance, high quality and other advantages widely praised.

This Emeads Battery Hydraulic Crimping Tool can be use for crimping stainless steel pipe, red copper pipe and aluminum plastic composite pipe.With 18V-4.0Ah battery(charging time 1.5hours).

Emeads Battery Hydraulic Crimping Tool comes with a one year warranty.

Specifications and Dimensions

Nominal DiameterOut diameterWall ThicknessWall Thickness(Jane thin)

Product Parameters

Battery voltage18V/4.0AOutput50KN
Charging time1.5hoursWeight6.2kg
Power supplyAC100V-240V 50-60Hz
Pressure range(max)Thin wall stainless steel DN50mm(wall thickness 1.2mm)Thin wall red copper pipe DN50mm(wall thickness 1.5mm)Aluminum plastic composite pipe DN40mm
Battery2Cylinder seal ring1 set
Charge1Relief valve ring1 set

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.(If you need customized packaging, please contact us)

Company Profile


1.Can you provide samples?

A small number of samples can be provided for testing, but the cost of sample and freight will be borne by the buyer;Sample sheet we have express, air, sea and other distribution, can be delivered to the door.

2.Can it be customized?

Can customize label, tool color, mold (blackening or electroplating), packaging, etc;

3.What is the delivery time?

The general delivery time is 30 days, please consult for details.

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