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What equipment is generally needed for waste plastic recycling?


There are many types of waste plastic processing machines. According to different processing needs and types of waste plastics, you can choose the following common waste plastic processing machines:

Plastic Crusher: Used to crush and crush waste plastics into small granular materials suitable for subsequent processing.

Plastic washing machine: used to clean waste plastics, remove impurities, pollutants and residues, and improve the quality of reuse.

Plastic granulator: After pre-processing waste plastics such as crushing and washing, they are heated, melted, extruded and other processes through the granulator to make recycled plastic granules.

Plastic recycling machines: including waste plastic sorters, magnetic separators, optical sorters, etc., used to classify and sort mixed waste plastics according to characteristics such as color, material, density, etc.

Plastic extruder: used to heat and melt plastic particles and form the required plastic products, such as plastic pipes, plastic sheets, etc., through the extruder head mold.

Plastic molding machine: used to inject molten plastic into the mold through injection or blow molding processes to make plastic products, such as plastic containers, plastic parts, etc.

Plastic calender: used to calender molten plastic into the required plastic film or plastic sheet through a rolling process.

Plastic molding machine: used to heat and pressure-treat plastic particles or molten plastic, and then make plastic products, such as plastic packaging, plastic containers, etc., through vacuum blister, hot press molding and other processes.

Waste plastic refining machine: used to pyrolyze waste plastics to produce plastic oil, or to pyrolyze waste cables to recover oil and metal.


Waste plastic refining equipment

The above are some common waste plastic processing machines. Depending on the specific processing needs and scale, choosing the appropriate machinery and equipment can effectively improve the recycling efficiency and product quality of waste plastics.

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