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What are the characteristics of Small-sized Oil-free Air Compressor Motor?


1. Energy saving:

Since there is no lubricating oil, the operating expenses of compressed air can be greatly reduced. According to statistics, 1 kg of lubricating oil produces a power loss of 1 kWh during operation; while the displacement of each Small-sized Oil-free Air Compressor Motor is 5 times that of a compressor under the same working condition, its The power consumption is only 13-12 of the latter.

2. Long life:

Generally speaking, the service life of the piston air compressor is 5000 hours (including 2000 hours of overhaul), and the service life of the reciprocating air compressor is 3000 hours (including 1000 hours of overhaul). The average service life of Small-sized Oil-free Air Compressor Motor is about 8000 hours (including 2000 hours for overhaul).

3. Simple and convenient maintenance:

Because there is no need to add any lubricating oil and lubricant, the maintenance workload is very small; in addition, due to its compact structure, light weight, small size, and easy installation, the maintenance work becomes very easy and fast.

4. Low noise:

Due to the new screw rotor designed with the latest technology, it has excellent silent characteristics. It has been tested and proved that its noise is only about 68 decibels (equivalent to the sound of people talking normally).

5. High reliability:

All parts of the Small-sized Oil-free Air Compressor Motor are put into the market after passing strict tests and inspections; at the same time, it also adopts a variety of safety protection devices to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment.

6. Easy-to-learn operation: The operation process is very simple because there is no need for lubrication and maintenance, and the humanized design makes the operation easy to learn.

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