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The difference between a mobile fast food truck and a mobile dining truck


The difference between a mobile fast food truck and a mobile dining truck

Different meanings, different functions.

1. The meaning is different. The mobile fast food truck is a national-style vehicle-mounted fast food truck. The design principle is based on the appearance, layout, and functionality of the RV, mobile catering truck, and mobile sales truck. It mainly sells fast food and cold drinks. Iconic company graphics and text design, as well as personalized car stickers, can attract consumers' attention. Mobile dining trucks, also known as mobile dining trucks, have a relatively wide business scope and can be moved around. Whether in parks, streets, night markets, shopping malls, busy markets, school gates, etc., or at temple fairs, they can be operated back and forth without being affected by the venue. constraints.

2. Different functions. The main function of the mobile fast food truck is to move quickly, and it can continuously produce meals during the process of moving and stopping, and its vehicle is equipped with a full set of cooking equipment. The mobile dining car is a multi-functional snack car that integrates barbecue, shaving, and frying. The snacks that can be made include spicy soup, pancake fruit, teppanyaki, steamed buns, oden, barbecue, fried skewers and other snacks. You can freely You can also choose a variety of snacks to operate at the same time.


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