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Cixing Creates an "Intelligent" Era of Knitting Manufacturing


For an order of 100 sweaters, the "butterfly transformation" from yarn to garment was realized in just 45 minutes. An e-commerce company in Tongxiang, who placed the order for the first time, witnessed the excitement of the "one-line forming" automatic computerized flat knitting machine staged at the intelligent demonstration factory of Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd.: the operator entered the code in the machine, and the yarn The yarn in the tube will be continuously drawn into the needle groove, and the knitting needles will fly up and down. After a while, a batch of personalized sweaters will be "freshly baked".

"Intelligent iterative innovation of equipment, improving quality and efficiency!" The relevant person in charge of Cixing Co., Ltd. said in an interview that compared with ordinary computerized flat knitting machines, one-line forming machines can produce a complete garment, saving money. The process of sewing the original woven pieces is eliminated, saving more than 20% of production time and labor costs. It is understood that the original 3 computerized flat knitting machines required 2 sewing workers, and they were in short supply. Calculated at 80,000 yuan per person per year, each machine saved 50,000 yuan in labor costs. The added value of equipment has been greatly improved.

In addition to empowering the digitalization of production management, Cixing's flexible customization cloud platform has also opened up a new "blue ocean" in flexible manufacturing: big data can quickly analyze popular elements and help realize real "fast fashion". The style, pattern and size of clothes can be based on the "cloud customization platform", and through human-computer interaction, it can be customized to meet the individual needs of customers, with a shorter time and cost close to that of mass production.

Leading knitting equipment from the traditional era to the intelligent era, from "catch-up" innovation to "leading" innovation. The fully automatic computerized flat knitting machine developed and produced 15 years ago by Cixing has mastered the core technology, broken the monopoly of international brand giants, and become the leading enterprise of domestic intelligent knitting equipment. Its core equipment, which took 10 years to develop—the "one-line forming" knitting intelligent manufacturing equipment, passed the Zhejiang Manufacturing Word Label Certification in November 2018, and the related core technology won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

At present, the production and sales of Cixing computerized flat knitting machines are in the leading position in the industry, with a market share of nearly 30%, and it is a veritable national "manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprise". Its high-end model 3D "one-line forming" computerized flat knitting machine has sold thousands of units since it was put into mass production for more than three years, becoming a new growth point for the company. The company will further increase the serialization of "one-line forming" computerized flat knitting machines in the next year Type development efforts, enrich the product line, and provide more choices for downstream customers.

Cixing is growing from a pure equipment manufacturer to an overall digital knitting solution provider. It integrates computerized flat knitting machines and other hardware products into the overall solution for knitting digital factories to help customers improve quality and efficiency, and realize flexible and personalized knitting. , High value-added "small order quick response" production mode, through technological progress to win a highly competitive market.

In the three years since the first-line molding machine was put into mass production in 2019, under the background of the deep impact of the epidemic and the hesitation of industry investment, Sun Pingfan, chairman of Cixing, said that he should take the lead in assuming industry responsibilities, focus on the layout of the flexible supply chain, and expand the flow of the cloud platform , to accelerate the servitization of manufacturing.

Cixing works with downstream customers to jointly promote the construction of "cloud factory" to realize regionalized and distributed production of sweater orders, reduce inventory, shorten production cycle, and improve production efficiency. At the same time, actively connect with "new outlets", look for entry points, and passionately collide with "small batch, multi-batch" live e-commerce and leading e-commerce channels to receive orders intensively, changing "small orders" into "big orders"; and Carry out strategic cooperation with upstream yarn manufacturers to conduct centralized procurement of raw materials (yarns) to enhance the market competitiveness of the flexible supply chain. At present, it has connected with many leading e-commerce companies and leading enterprises in the clothing industry.

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